Without Christianity There Is No Libertarianism. Period.

Without Christianity There Is No Libertarianism. Period.

Christianity and Libertarianism

Christianity is at the foundation of libertarianism. The two remain distinct, one is religious and the other philosophical, but share a lot of common ground. Libertarianism is an ethical code of principles revolving around peace (non-aggression) and justice (private-property). I use the term peace to describe the non-aggression principle because non-aggression is peace. If there is an absence of violence, there is a state of peace. Likewise, I use the term justice to describe private property because without private property there can be no justice. What I mean by that is without individual ownership of one’s self or other resources there is injustice. Without private property, people would be fighting each other constantly over resources. Humans have not only developed a system of acquiring ownership of resources without killing each other but a system that leaves both parties better off (Capitalism/trade).

It puzzles me and upsets me when I see fellow Libertarians laughing and mocking Christianity. It is not my intent to imply that to be a Libertarian one must be a Christian. What I am saying is that there is an attitude amongst some Athiest-Libertarians that Christianity is evil, stupid and they feel the need to go out of their way to be a jerk and smear Christianity. That attitude needs to stop if Libertarians want to progress as a political movement.

Although, not all Athiest-Libertarians go about their business in this fashion, but what good does it do to turn off and attempt to humiliate a portion of Libertarians target audience? Especially, what good is to actively and publicly denounce an idea (Christianity) which has done tremendous work for Libertarianism? Some of the greatest libertarian concepts have come from Christianity. Christian-thinkers laid the way for future Libertarians and Austrian Economists.

Libertarianism within Christianity

The Sixth Commandment

Peace and justice are at the core of Christianity as well. Even in the libertarian context of how I described those terms, peace, and justice is within Christianity. The sixth commandment instructs man not to commit murder. Committing a murder is an act of aggression and injustice. The murderer cannot own another human, for God is the creator of man. The murderer can rightfully slay his livestock since God gave man dominion over all the animals and land of the earth. However, man is sovereign amongst other men.

The Eight Commandment

The 8th commandment instructs man no to steal. There can be no theft if everything is held in common (public-ownership/socialism/communism). Therefore it must be said that private property is a divine gift from God. It is the process of God creating man that has given man the right and ability to have private property. That is not saying that private property is a right in itself. On the contrary, it is the natural right to have the ability to own property. To come into possession of property one must be a productive member of society (trade), inherit the possessions that came from kin who were productive or receive as a gift.

The Ninth Commandment

Giving false testimony is a sin. I think there is a distinction between lying and bearing false witness. I do believe that the Bible discourages against most lying, but I think the degree of sin is highest under perjury (bearing false witness). Telling a white lie may be harmless in most situations, but a lie that can strip a man of his liberties is the most wicked. Putting an innocent man behind bars, or rob him of his justly earned possessions is a sin. This injustice lays on the shoulders of the means of law enforcement but most of all on those who gave the false testimonies to make the injustice happen. Libertarians and Christians alike, support truth, honesty, and justice.

The Golden Rule and Loving Your Neighbor as Yourself

Matthew 7:12, “Do onto others what you want them to do to you”. This is known as the ‘Golden Rule.’ The ‘Golden Rule’ is the bed-rock for Libertarians and Christians. Libertarians may refer to this as the non-aggression principle. The Golden Rule is also implied in Mark 12:30, Jesus says, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Do no harm to your neighbor. If you can be at peace with your neighbor, you can become closer to having peace with yourself. Jesus instructs man to go out into the world and do justice. True justice cannot be done by dismissing peace and private property.

Through the lens of a Libertarian or a Christian, how does voting for taxation love your neighbor? If your neighbor does not consent to your rules, your neighbor is then stripped of his God-given rights. How is voting for mass killing (war), mass incarceration (drug war), mass spying (war on terror) loving your neighbor? Better yet, how is democracy or voting, means of loving your neighbor? Hate, ignorance, jealousy, and envy course through the veins of Democracy and the voting booth. Democracy is anti-Christian and a mechanism for Satan to flourish.

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