Giving Up Politics Will Help Set You Free

Giving Up Politics Will Help Set You Free

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If you don’t like something, change it. I am the type of person that wants to fix things, big or small. If there is something I don’t like, I want to change it. I think this is completely natural but as I grow older I am realizing there must be a nuance to this. Simply saying that you don’t like something is fine but words don’t mean anything until there is an action that follows. Additionally, creating an action for the sake of creating an action since things aren’t the way you want them may not be the solution either. It is even worse to point out the problem and approach it with the same mentality or “solutions.” We only have a finite amount of time, energy and money. It is imperative that we allocate these precious resources as wisely as possible, no matter how challenging it may be.

For the past several years I have made a concerted effort to promote liberty, peace and Austrian Economics. Reading as many books as I can, being socially active with the ideas of liberty, attending different party conventions, writing party platforms, starting a blog, petitioning and running for political office are all things I have done to do my part to “save the world.” I do not regret taking up the task of spreading liberty, I have done several things that have given me the results I wanted. I have turned a lot of people onto the message of liberty, they may not be an anarcho-capitalist, but they have at least opened their mind. However, I have misplaced a lot of time, energy and money on politics. Hence, why I have been distancing myself from politics altogether.

Save Yourself First

We will always live in an unfree world. Politics aside, we are bound to universal laws. We will never be free from making the wrong decision, from bodily harm, or heartbreak. These are some of the realities of life that we must accept and that make life amazing. We live in a prison of realities for which there is no key, so just enjoy it and go with it. However, we also live in a prison of our choosing. Nobody is stopping you from being great but you. Sure politicians make us poorer and less safe but never has Nancy Pelosi personally stopped me from getting what I want. Has she stopped me from asking for a raise, stepping outside of my comfort zone, or being a kinder person? Only we hold the key to set ourselves free.

Am I sitting on the high horse and pontificating? No, I struggle with this every single day. I think to a certain degree everyone is aware of this but to take that first step towards correcting it is scary. I am more afraid to make the wrong decision and lose from it than I am of politicians coming for my guns. That’s not to say anti-gun policies aren’t real or scary. It’s one thing if people want to enslave you when there is a degree of self-defense but how do you defend yourself from you? How do you defend yourself from your sub-conscious? If we want to save the world, we must first save ourselves.

Run Towards Fear

This is something I have been making an honest effort towards since the Fall of last year. I have been making myself vulnerable to all that life has to offer. If I choose to avoid things that put me out of my comfort zone and make me grow as a person rather than living the rest of my life I am just waiting around to die. Nothing is free. If we truly want something, we must give something up to receive it. More money is something I want, so I must work harder and smarter. If I want friendship or romance, I have to risk having heartbreak. I want more positivity in my life; I need to give up things in my life that bring me negativity. If I want new experiences, I have to give up complacency. Nothing is free, everything we want or cherish has a price.

Don’t Let Politics Consume You

Let your life consume you. We only have one shot at this life, and it is a shame when we and myself included waste it on things we see no return on. I would love to see North Dakota secede from the Union, legal tender laws repealed and the whole damn system laid to waste. What would I love to see more than that? The business I recently starting to grow exponentially. I want to see myself grow into the man that I know I can become. I want to spend more time with family and friends. Working less and making more is something I want. Traveling to new places and performing my music on stage are things I want. These are the goals that are going to have the biggest impact on my world, which is why I must pursue them.

I have given up social media, politics, and watching markets so I can make room to receive the things I want and need. Everyone involved in politics on social media has engaged in 3 day long arguments that benefit your life how? You’ve wasted three days you cannot get back in exchange for what? To see who is right? I have been guilty of this in the past, and I am sure you have too. Politics is divisive, ugly and negative by nature. Since that is the case, politics will never yield the world an individual wants to live in. Therefore, by people letting go of politics and focusing on personal growth will produce a better opportunity to create a world individuals want to live in. Give to receive.


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