U.N. Official Visits North Dakota Says Issue Of Trash Left Behind Was Overblown And Implies Protesters’ Rights Violated

U.N. Official Visits North Dakota Says Issue Of Trash Left Behind Was Overblown And Implies Protesters’ Rights Violated

U.N. Official, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz

On March 1st, a U.N. official at the request of Standing Rock Chairman David Archambault visited the Standing Rock Reservation. The U.N. official, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, was in North Dakota as part of her 10-day visit to the US. Meeting with different tribes, politicians and government officials around the US on behalf of “Native Americans” related issues. With the title of “Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, she concluded her trip meeting with State Department officials in D.C.

The U.N. official had plenty to say and chastised the Dakota Access Pipeline and North Dakota law enforcement. Victoria Taulia-Corpuz said the construction of the DAPL over “sacred grounds” showed the tribe no respect. This statement is false. She continued saying the issue of trash left by protestors was “overblown.” Really?

Victoria Taulia-Corpuz continued by saying, “My impression is that there was an unnecessary use of force.” Tauli-Corpuz told the AP, “anybody has a right to protest and express their opposition to what is happening.” In other words, it is acceptable to tolerate affluent college feminists, jobless vagabonds, and violent degenerates to poach livestock, destroy private property, and block highways.

Defund and Withdraw

The U.S. contributes 25% of the UN budget, and what do the American people get in return? Foreign actors and provocateurs, who have no business interfering within the US, legitimizing damage of private property. In addition to justifying the protesters use of aggression and intimidation. Which started out as a peaceful protest quickly became co-opted by narcissistic Hollywood celebrities, a desperate anti-Trump media, and professional violent thugs. So now add the U.N. and this U.N. official to the list of those fanning the flames of division and inciting conflict.

Why should Americans, who are holding record level personal debt, have their pocket picked to pay for policy influence and social organization by two-bit third world countries and globalist agendas? Democrats make the hysterical claim, with no substantial or credible evidence, that Russia influenced the 2016 Presidential Election. What else could you call what the U.N. or U.N. official, Victoria Taulia-Corpuz is doing? Foreign interests are shaping American culture and influencing American policy.

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