My Advice Towards Liberty

My Advice Towards Liberty

I’ve already written about what I consider to be rational strategy for Libertarian-minded individuals in North Dakota. I would like to elaborate on my previous points.


  • The Libertarian Party of North Dakota should aim to be considered the ‘Party of Principle’, regardless of how it may be interpreted by those of opposing beliefs.
    1. Self-ownership, Private property rights, and the Non-Aggression axiom are the core of Libertarianism and these principles must never be sacrificed, compromised, or watered down on any topic. Be radical by being radically principled.
    2. Additionally, Libertarians need to be opportunists. 2016 was arguably the best chance (so far) for the Libertarian party to be recognized as a legitimate source of political and, arguably more important, social influence across the U.S.. People are desperate for a change in, not only politics, but social order. This includes politics, religion, culture, the family, and more. Luckily, Libertarianism, instead of being a reactionary approach to social conflict, has a consistent universal application of the ideas of human rights, justice, and social cooperation. With this a priori reasoning, Libertarianism has the only consistent philosophy compatible with human freedom and peaceful cooperation.
  • Young people must be considered the main audience of the Libertarian message.
    1. Ron Paul captivated a strong following of young people who were inspired to change their entire lives and study topics like Austrian business cycle theory, monetary policy, and the Federal Reserve. Bernie Sanders inspired the youth in a much more disheartening way; he glorified the term ‘Socialism’. These men and their ideas caused tens of thousands of young people to get interested in current political events. Although Ron Paul-supporters decided to read 1,000-page economic treatises and Bernie Sanders supporters were just told more government is the answer to all problems they both had a message that inspired young people; “The current system isn’t working.”
    2. The Libertarian Party of North Dakota should channel the ‘Ron Paul Revolution’ remnant to intellectually battle those in favor of Statism in all its ugly forms but young adults should be considered the target audience. The Libertarian message needs to be spread to as many young people as possible. A presence on every college campus in North Dakota should be a priority. Within the Liberty-movement, spontaneous decentralized organization is recommended and could actually be preferable but there needs to be an effort to reach North Dakota College campuses.
  • Tap into the Agriculture Community. (I’m not sure how)
    1. North Dakota is like a big small-town farming community. Everyone knows that the farming economy affects other industries in the state. People who have no idea about economics, the division of labor, business cycles, etc. will always support the North Dakota farmer, even if they don’t necessarily like them. I have heard dozens of people just in my local community complain about farm subsidies then immediately say something like, “But they keep the economy going” or “But we all depend on them”. There is some truth to these statements so if the Libertarian Party of North Dakota can gain support from the farming community it would go a long way. Unfortunately, this will be quite difficult while opposing all forms of government subsidies. Hemp farming should be an important topic for North Dakota Libertarians. Use the principles of free trade and apply them to other issues of economic freedom.
  • North Dakota Libertarians need to be highly educated on U.S. Foreign Policy.
    1. ‘Mr. Libertarian’, Murray Rothbard, said that foreign policy was the key to the Libertarian message (non-interventionism) and this is more accurate now than ever. The ‘War on Terror’ will never and can never, (perhaps was never meant to) be won. Many international political analysts have stated that relations between the world’s two nuclear superpowers, the U.S. and Russia, are now worse than during the Cold War. The U.S. is on the brink of WWIII. North Dakota citizens need to understand how we got here.
    2. Perhaps emphasis of the Libertarian Party of North Dakota Platform regarding North Dakota servicemen serving in unconstitutional wars should be promoted.
      1. Opposition to involvement of ND arms servicemen in undeclared Wars
      2. Any ND armed servicemen currently serving will return home immediately
      3. Opposition to ND servicemen being involved in civilian law enforcement with respect for the Posse Comitatus Act and the Constitutional right of habeas corpus
      4. Opposition to ND taxpayer dollars supporting undeclared Wars or maintenance of Military bases overseas
      5. Opposition to the current desertion policy of the U.S. Military
      6. Opposition to any future conscription
  • Organize speaking events to cover a range of topics periodically
    1. Mises Institute-style events should be held with a range of topics to be covered including: Education, Foreign policy, the Drug War, Property rights, etc. these events could include perhaps 3-5 speakers each speaking for 15-30 minutes (or more) about a pre-determined topic. Speakers from the ‘Liberty movement’ should be invited. If funding is a problem, encourage North Dakota Libertarians to speak for free. Public forums, debates, and other events should also be considered.
    2. Although many people may criticize his approach (occasionally myself included), Nick Bata has led a great example in starting difficult conversations online, especially in the ‘Supporters of North Dakota Libertarian Candidates’ page. The survey questions asked by him (and others) have led to some challenging conversations but are usually respectful and open to all. More open dialogue should be encouraged.
    3. The LPND should host a few speakers regarding Hemp Farming to try to reach out to the farming community
  • Libertarians need to be respectful, especially to those with whom we disagree
    1. Most people have a misunderstanding of what Libertarianism is and of those who support it. Many on ‘the Right’ think Libertarians are just ‘Isolationists’ and ‘pot-heads’. Many on ‘the Left’ think Libertarians are ‘greedy capitalists’ who don’t care about the environment or the poor. Many extreme Leftist groups are now even calling Libertarians racists, fascists, white-supremacists, and even Nazi’s. Not surprisingly, many of these groups attempting to label Libertarians these wildly inaccurate terms are openly calling for the suppression of free speech, violence against anyone who disagrees with them, and in some cases, a Communist Revolution. These people are uneducated about political philosophy and history, extremely misguided and intolerant, violent and dangerous to civil society. But they must be allowed to expose themselves as the authoritarian sociopaths they are and battled intellectually and respectfully. (But until they start swinging, let’s wait to warm up the helicopters 😉 ) (see Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s physical removal argument)
    2. Libertarianism is devoted to the ideas of intellectual radicalism. Confrontation with opposing viewpoints is a guarantee for any non-statists in the current social and political climate and it will get worse before it gets better. But the goal of Libertarians must not be to provoke argument but understanding. If I lay out a Libertarian position on an issue while appearing condescending, sarcastic, or smug that is going to turn off a lot of people. Those are characteristics of the Left and we should avoid them at all costs. I haven’t always had the philosophy I do now and I try to remember that when discussing important issues with others. Not everyone has “taken the red pill”. Some never will. Some don’t want to. So, if engaging in debate destroy your opponent’s arguments intellectually while being respectful at best and apathetic at worst.
  • Create voluntary organizations/social clubs in defiance of government institutions
    1. The Libertarian philosophy emphasizes voluntary association; we should participate in such organization. Creating and participating in these voluntary organization will show Libertarianism in action and its practicality. Social clubs can emphasize the importance of voluntary cooperation and can also be enjoyable.
    2. Ideally, voluntary organization should be created in defiance of state-supported institutions and solve problems created by them. ‘Adopt a Highway’ is a great idea recently suggested by Jonathon Magnall. If the Libertarian Party of North Dakota can literally clean up a government-sponsored program (public roads) this could show the benefits of voluntary organizations.
  • Make alliances
    1. Gun clubs, medical marijuana farmers, hemp farmers, homeschoolers, etc. should be allies. Libertarians should not be afraid to make alliances on specific issues even if there are disagreements on other issues. We disagree with pretty much everyone on foreign policy but that doesn’t mean we can’t come together to promote an audit of the Federal Reserve, for example. Hell, Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders (for a limited time) worked together to promote the ‘Audit the Fed’ bill.
    2. Moving towards a Libertarian Social Order cannot be achieved by criticizing our enemies alone. We need to be opportunists. Any advancement towards a more Libertarian society is a victory
  • Subvert the Media and political system
    1. Focus on spreading a message and not just the political process. Obviously, the media are a bunch of liars and shills for status quo politics and almost all of the problems of the world today are due to the current systems of government around the world so screw em’! Libertarians should focus on the message and movement while treating our hostile enemies as jokes to be ridiculed and laughed at.
    2. We need an online presence, conferences, college campus speaking events, etc. We are facing an intellectual battle so we need to organize and educate.


  1. MOST IMPORTANTLY – Be joyful and have fun. (Life is too short to be pissed off all of the time)
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