Your Children are Libertarian

Your Children are Libertarian

Gather ‘Round Children

Keep your hands to yourself. That’s it! Children at a very young age are taught not to hit or to take things that aren’t yours, and to cooperate with others. Libertarianism takes that same concept and applies it to everyone, including government. Responsible parents teach their children to behave and morals. I don’t think any reasonable parent would teach their children how to live based on a lie. So the question is, why do we teach our children morals but also teach them that certain members of the community do not have to live up to the same moral expectations?

To teach children hitting another child is acceptable only if they had a good reason, their choices would not turn out well.  Children would be unruly, be indifferent to others, and would have many conflicts. The immunizing of consequences from unethical behavior can also attribute the rise of moral hazard and moral relativism.

Yeah But…

Libertarians often hear the claim “When has libertarianism worked” or “Where has there ever been a libertarian society or government.” Since there are no measurable units of libertarianism, authoritarianism, capitalism or socialism, any ideal is a continuum or degree-based. That said, there are documented cases of social order with extremely decentralized systems, secessions, private court systems, establishing road systems. However, those cases are complicated and require lots of time to comprehend. However, understanding why you shouldn’t hit people over the head is simple.

Legislation such as the disastrous ‘War on Drugs’, which is the criminalizing of consuming contraband, is violations of the non-aggression principle we teach our young. Putting aside the debate of the negative consequences of drug use or the harmful economics of prohibition, the act of initiating violence is immoral. To use force against those who are peacefully conducting their life is criminal.  Libertarians believe in the sacred right to self-defense, but do not condone the act of aggression in any situation. The Federal Reserve counterfeits money and fractional reserve banking inflating the money supply are both immoral. However, it is legalized theft and regarded as a necessary institution. The Federal Reserve steals money through its inflationary monetary policy by increasing the money supply. It also punishes savers by artificially low-interest rates.

Organic law

Criminal law has supplanted natural (civil) law. Natural law is the theory of law that focuses on violations against individuals. Natural law has a long history of the decentralized establishment but also focuses on victim restitution. Restitution determined by the victim since the crime committed was against the victim. Criminal law punishes crimes against the state. The rise of criminal law attributes the rapid growth of government. Crimes against the state have no outlet for victim restitution. The unjust criminal system makes victims bigger victims. Upon capture of the offender, not only does the offender not recompensate the victim but the victim through taxation has to pay for the housing, clothing, feeding and learning opportunities for inmates. This too is immoral; libertarians seek less criminal justice and more victim justice (natural law).

Children, Don’t Be a Jerk

Our children learn not to bully. Not only will bullying leave you with no friends, lack of financial options but it also poses a potential for bodily harm. US foreign policy is the policy of a bully. That eroding of the concept of murder has resulted in the term ‘collateral damage.’  The subject of collateral damage is also under the extreme scrutiny by libertarians. A creation of government shielded from Geneva Convention violations but also domestic murder laws. Murder by government has become legalized, legitimized and acceptable practice for politicians and voters alike. The drowning of the voices of victims for the jeers of dead enemies has planted a seed of intense opposition.

Blowback, documented phenomenon plaguing the US foreign policy. This policy of foreign bullying and murder is reaping the consequences of perpetual conflict. Libertarians ask that our policymakers apply the same moral we teach our children to our relations with other countries. Shielding government workers from the simple concept of ‘thou shall not kill’ is a poke in the eye of western religions. Manipulating right and wrong encourage continual moral relativism.

All libertarians ask, is that we apply the same moral concepts we teach our children to be applied to government. So the question when has there been a libertarian society cannot be more evident. Your family teaches the non-aggression principle; libertarianism is in your household. The number of families added together comprise of neighborhoods, towns, and states. Libertarianism is global.

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