Kevin Cramer Violates North Dakota Republican Party Resolutions, Again.

Kevin Cramer Violates North Dakota Republican Party Resolutions, Again.

Principles Schminciples

Who needs principles when you’ve got the support of the Paul Ryan-John Boehner Swamp? The act of parties creating party platforms is meaningless, much like politics altogether. Say one thing, do the opposite, or in this case write one thing and do the contrary. The North Dakota Republican Party Platform and Resolutions explicitly state individuals are solely responsible for their health care. The resolutions also present the statute of repealing Obamacare and replacing it with a free-market alternative. Does it sit well with paying members of the North Dakota Republican Party to allocate the time and resources to craft party principles just to have the highest officials, like Kevin Cramer, violate them?

Should Be No Excuses, Republicans Control D.C.

Traditionally conservatives have been individuals who had strong support for private property and free markets; the core litmus test left vs. right. Principles don’t change, but political parties do. The Republican Party has been extremely instrumental to the growth of government. Leftist/progressive policies are both alive and well in both major parties. Suffocating government debt, government-run health care, manipulation of wages and prices, etc. According to the North Dakota Republican Party, this should be an era of free markets, limited government, and individual liberty.

One of the first acts after the 2016 election was the passage of one of the largest omnibus spending bills in US history. Kevin Cramer was a part of that. Now the Obamacare repeal and replace fiasco. Leadership in the Republican Party first said, “Repeal Obamacare.” Then it became “Repeal and Replace Obamacare.” Now with Republican control, it has become “Tweak Obamacare.” Repeal, and Repeal and Replace have been a campaign pitch for every one of Kevin Cramer’s re-election. So what does Kevin do? Fund Obamacare throughout his tenure in the House and now work with Paul Ryan to produce Obamacare Lite with a twist of Republican.


The Ryancare Bill (endorsed by Cramer), does have some good things in it, such as an expansion of Health Saving Accounts (HSA’s). It also provides some offset of health insurance with tax credits. It also eliminates the individual mandate, although it’s smoke and mirrors (more later). However, these are superficial platitudes that are good for campaign slogans and media appearances. Ryancare deceptively eliminates the individual mandate but replaces it with language that after 2-months of no health coverage, you will be charged a pro-rata fee to the insurance company when you do buy health insurance. All in all, it is a subsidy to insurance companies. Much like Obamacare, pre-existing coverage, price controls, and community ratings are in Ryancare. Ryancare and Obamacare are a house of cards, built to fail and lead to universal coverage.

A Chance To Repudiate Leftism

By Kevin Cramer and establishment Republicans deceptively and falsely touting their belief in free markets and limited government, more people are going to become disillusioned. Crafting built-to-fail policies are setting up Democrats for a slam dunk. The disillusioned and frustrated will start being swayed by the political blame game and repeat anti-market rhetoric. Kevin Cramer and Paul Ryan are effectively tarnishing conservatism and free markets. What could have been an opportunity to restore conservative principles and eliminate leftist policies is just the most recent episode of Beltway shenanigans.






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