The Dakota Homestead

The Dakota Homestead is about ideas and events that affect the world today. The topics of discussion will range from Economics, Philosophy, Sociology, Politics, Law, Government, History, International Relations, Global Markets, and more. The focus of the website is individual liberty, voluntarism, peace, and how these ideas influence social order.

Thomas H. Skadeland

TomSkadeland1I am 27 years old, from Portland, North Dakota, and a 3rd generation Electrician with ten years experience in the field. I also earned a B.S. in Education from Mayville State University in 2014.

While in college, I developed a passionate interest in Economics, Political philosophy, and U.S. history. Since then I have continued my personal education online at sites including,,, and while reading the great works by authors including Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, and Hans-Hermann Hoppe.


Nicholas R. Bata

I am 28 and live in West Fargo, ND. Originally grew up on our family farm outside of Kensal, ND. Insurance CommissionerAttended Mayville State University where I participated in multiple sports, graduated with a B.S. in Education and a B.S. in Excercise Science. I spent two years in the Public Education boondoggle. Currently, I work for a prestigious Drywall and Painting Company.

I stumbled upon Libertarianism during college, especially during the 2012 election cycle. Since then, I have devoted my energies studying Austrian Economics, Philosophy, and History. I am especially excited about Entrepreneurialism and Anarcho-Capitalism.

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